Rediscovering Moldova

RM1Dear Friends,

Today is my last day in the capacity of the Ambassador of Moldova to Estonia. Tomorrow we are flying back to my lovely Moldova. You could find here 475 articles posted in last 5 years, mainly about my activities, experiences, good practices and travel experiences in Estonia. Consider them as my unofficial report of the mission which I loved.

As my visits to Moldova last years were very short and concentrated in the capital city of Chişinău, I decided to travel around my country, to see as many places as possible, to meet my numerous old friends and to honor promised visits to new ones.

Next period of  time I will post here my travel experiences in Moldova. The first round-trip called Redescoperă Moldova (Rediscover Moldova)  will be organized  on July 6-10, together with a group of bloggers, photographers, active people from Moldova and the support of UNITE (Moldovan mobile operator), and Mitsubishi, MIMI winery. This idea was born in Tallinn and developed by Moldovan blogger Eugen Luchianiuc , currently student at Tallinn University of Technology. You could see our route and places which we,ll visit day by day here: Rediscover Moldova 2015, day by day.

Our team will produce daily photo and video reports about the places we,ll visit and people which we,ll meet in Romanian, English and Russian languages.

I,m inviting you to follow my posts here, as well my instant posts in  Victor Guzun Facebook page and Victor Guzun Twitter page (all will be in English). So, let,s discover my Moldova together, my Friends!



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